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Inky Loves Nature products
Hi everyone. I just wanted to add my comments. I ordered from Inky Loves Nature and received my products, with the exception of something that is on back order, but I am a happy customer :) - jamie wour , posted 05/07/09
Am I The Only One ?
Its hard for me to believe that I'm the only one getting my products. I've been ordering from Inky, since last month (I'm expecting my third order now) and have always received them reasonalbly quick. - TracyLove , posted 04/30/09
RESPONSE to Angela not recieving her order...
Hiya Angela,

USPS tracking shows your item was delivered at 1:12 PM on April 14, 2009. Please confirm if this is incorrect? I do apologize once again about the delay in the delivery of your order. we did contact you by phone about the situation. Our complaint with our local USPS is now under review with their Consumer Affairs Office. They (local post office) does not scan in or accept our online click n ship labels when they receive them, so packages don't show that they have been received by USPS. Packages get held up and all chaos ensues... and according to the 3 supervisors I have spoken to thus far, this is correct, they don't have to scan them in?.

AGAIN, anyone that has not received their order or a refund please get in touch or 1 800 809 4659. Peace! - inky , posted 04/18/09
Never Received my Order
I placed an order with Inky Loves Nature via the website in February 2009, but never received my order. Up this point in time I have received a couple of emails with one stating a confusion with the order and the next stating confusion with the shipping label...unbelievable. So, they took my money, but have not delivered my order. What this company is doing is criminal. If anyone else has had a bad experience, please write a review. Reviews will allow this company's criminal ways to be brought to the forefront.
Update: I will be contacting the Internet Crime Complaint Center, Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Protection and I suggest all that have not received their orders do the same. - Angela , posted 04/08/09
Inky DOES Love her customers ;-)
Hiya guys,

Pia, our PayPal records confirm you were given a refund in 2007

Christina, or anyone else viewing this post that has not received their order, please go to or call 800 809 4659, with your invoice so we can hook you up.

Peace - Inkylovesnature , posted 04/18/09
must echo other negatives
I am so disappointed! I placed an order Oct. 5, 2007 and STILL have not received my one tiny product, although they have supposedly sent it (twice, according to the two, very far apart emails I received after incessant nagging). I FINALLY received a tracking number, which, when followed, reveals that the package was to be expected. The people at inky however, say it has already been delivered. WRONG! I was so looking forward to trying inky products, but now i think I will join others in buying the products from ANYWHERE besides their own website. PAthetic customer service. - Sarah , posted 01/16/08
bad customer service!!
Awesome products, bad customer service :[ Does Leesah B (founder) know this? Ordered from instead. - CHRISTINA , posted 12/06/07
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Inky does NOT LOVE her customers... BEWARE!!!
I ordered from inkylovesnature in SEPTEMBER. Its now December, and after seven phone calls (and left messages) and multiple emails with no response, I have just now received a response from them - a refund, with no apology, explanation or acceptance of responsibility. BEWARE of this company - totally unprofessional and disappointing. - Pia , posted 12/03/07
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